About Us

Eli and Emmie are owned by Mama of two, Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Emily.

The dream of starting Eli and Emmie came about when I found out I was having my little boy. I had always wanted to pursue a career in illustration, and after working for over 6 years as a graphic designer, I decided to give it a go at the age of 27!

After spending hours searching for bright and colourful prints and illustrations with no luck, to decorate both my home and my nursery, I decided to create my own. Once I began to share these images on social media, I started to receive requests for more personalised gifts and illustrations and I loved seeing everyone’s ideas come together. A few months later my little boy Elias was born, and that’s when I came up with the name Eli and Emmie.

Most days I can be found with my Ipad in arm, the kids in the other, surrounded by half drank cups of coffee.